Tech ↝ Dissent


The climate is breaking down, authoritarianism is on the rise and it has become a moral duty to rise up. With grassroots groups popping up around the country, people are going to need websites! Whether it is just for a community group, or for documentation of how to take direct action I would love to help.

I hope to break some of the barriers in cost and coding to give people the tools they need.

Currently working with Tipping Point UK.


If you need a website for your project or group, drop me a message on Telegram or use the contact form below.


Defund Climate Chaos

UK banks, investors and insurers are pumping billions of pounds into fossil fuels that worsen the climate crisis. On October 29th, ahead of UN climate talks, groups around the world and UK are rising up to demand that the UK government and corporations #DefundClimateChaos.

Barbican Community Centre

The People of York transforming land for the good of community, by whatever means works.

XR Youth

The Youth Voice of the Rebellion against Extinction

Freedom Tour 2021

The Freedom Tour was a Summer campaign, travelling through the UK, aiming to connect and grow the wider movement for a democratic, ecological and sane society. It aims to achieve this through street canvassing and hosting “Crisis Talk” community events. The team behind it is currently in reflection after 8 weeks on the road. Stay tuned for our next exploits.

Rebels in Prison

Exists to support activists in prison in the UK. RIPS is an independent organisation set up by individuals from Extinction Rebellion, Burning Pink & other groups.

ACA Books

Anarcho Cosmic Activist Books, created in April 2021, is York’s new radical library: a grass-roots group sharing knowledge and ideas through books.